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Mattresses at Casa e Jardim

At Casa e Jardim we believe that if you are going to spend up to a third of your life laying on a mattress it's calibre is of upmost consideration. Hence we only sell high quality mattresses that are comfortable and soft yet supportive.

With the experience of having sold thousands of mattresses over the years, from many suppliers, we have selected what bye consider to be the ultimate mattress - The 'Confort'.
Additionally we have a choice of 3 high quality but good value mattresses on either side of the Confort price point.
We display all four of these mattresses in our showroom for you to tryout.

The Confort Mattress, Algarve, Portugal

The ‘Confort’ mattress

For sheer comfort at a reasonable price consider our 'Confort' pocket sprung mattress. This is the mattress we recommend when balancing quality and price and it is our bestseller. Our clients repeatedly tell us that the Confort mattress gives them a wonderful night's sleep.

  • Comfortably supportive
  • Firm yet balanced and soft
  • Cool in summer
  • Cozy in winter

Our Confort mattress is more comfortable than our Vispring back in the UK.Mrs C Linforth - V.D.L.
Having now slept on our Confort mattress in Portugal we would like to purchase one for our home in the UK please.Mr B Hinton - V.D.L.
My clients Mr & Mrs Hinton purchased there (SIC) bed from you and are so pleased with it they would like one similar for the UK residency...Zoe Price Interiors - UK
We have been happy with the beds we ordered from you 3.5 years ago and would like to make another order for the same styleClaudia H-Wood -Casa do Pisao
The Confort Mattress, Algarve, Portugal

Confort Construction

  • Confort is constructed with a pocket spring system (independent) enclosed in a reinforced 30SD supportive base, (5&6). This gives support across the whole body.
  • Layers of D23 and D20 foams (3&4) give the soft, luxury feel.
  • A layer of thermo-regulating fibre adds year round cool comfort.
  • Finished in soft touch stretch fabric.

Algarve Vilas, Houses and Apartments tend to have larger bedrooms than those found in the average UK home.
Portuguese mattress sizes by description differ from their UK counterparts. (see panel - dimensions in cms).

Mattress sizes in Portugal

Single 90 x 200
King Size 150 x 200
Portuguese Double 160 x 200
Super King Size 180 x 200

Prices for popular mattress sizes for Confort:

The Confort Mattress is 30 cm deep.

All other sizes available.

Mattress sizes, Algarve, Portugal


90 x 200


Mattress sizes, Algarve, Portugal

King Size

150 x 200


Mattress sizes, Algarve, Portugal


160 x 200


Mattress sizes, Algarve, Portugal

Super King

180 x 200


Alternative mattresses from C&J:

Royal Mattress Algarve


A pocket sprung mattress with excellent balance of price/quality.

Mattress height 26 cm

90 x 200 - €344
150 x 200 - €538
160 x 200 - €558
180 x 200 - €638
Royal Mattress Algarve


An all foam mattress that's lightweight, durable and comfortable.

Mattress height 24 cm

90 x 200 - €320
150 x 200 - €504
160 x 200 - €540
180 x 200 - €610
Royal Mattress Algarve


A pocket sprung mattress with memory Visco Gel for temperature dispersion.

Mattress height 25 cm

90 x 200 - €439
150 x 200 - €614
160 x 200 - €687
180 x 200 - €750

Zip and Link

All of our beds and mattresses can be fitted with an economic zip link system.

Zip and Link

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Tel (00351) 289 393 532

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