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Contemporary Exterior Furniture at C&J

Contemporary Exterior Furniture at C&J
Bok Teak Exterior Furniture by Ethnicraft


Ethnicraft's Luxury Teak Collection - In or Out

Bok Teak Exterior Furniture by Ethnicraft
Bok Teak Exterior Furniture by Ethnicraft
Bok Teak Exterior Furniture by Ethnicraft

Bok is from a range of beautiful contemporary furniture by Belgium wood specialists Ethnicraft.

Example Price


Table 200 x 100 cm

Example Prices

Table 200 x 100 cm


Dining chair


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Casa & Jardim proudly display Ethnicraft Exterior exclusively on the Algarve.


Beautiful from every angle, straights and curves form the basis of the Bok dining collection. Meticulously crafted to ensure comfort and elegance when enjoying the outdoors.

  • Rectangular Tables
  • Round Tables
  • Dining Chairs

Please read the care recommendations below and take these into account when choosing teak as exterior furniture.

Technical Spec.


  • 100% Solid Teak. 100% Sustainable.
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The Designer - Alain Van Havre

Alain van Havre works fulltime for Ethnicraft as in-house designer. The complexity of things has always intrigued him, which led him to study product development at the Design Academy of Eindhoven, The Netherlands.
To him, all design embodies the same duality: the aim is to create a timeless product, yet with a hint to the specific moment in which it is made. We are always influenced by the past; however, it is up to us to find the right balance between past and present.
Alain, who is a friend of Philippe Delaisse and Benoit Loos, started working at Ethnicraft in 1999 - first in Operations in Ethnicraft Azur in Aixen- Provence and since 6 years in product development. It was a perfect match, especially since
he considers wood as a continuously evolving material, where boundaries are pushed further every day, creating endlessly new challenges.

Alain Van Havre
Bok Teak Exterior Furniture by Ethnicraft

Contemporary with a hint of rustic

Bok Teak Exterior Furniture by Ethnicraft

Ethnicraft know a thing or two about beautiful furniture in wood. They have been making Oak, Teak and Walnut furniture for over 25 years. For 2021 the collection expands into the outside. Teak being the natural choice for durable high-end exterior furniture. Of course, it's equally at home in the interior.

Bok Teak Exterior Furniture by Ethnicraft
Bok Teak Exterior Furniture by Ethnicraft

Bok Teak - Dining Armchair



50 x 54 x 76 cm
5,8 Kgs

Bok Teak Exterior Furniture by Ethnicraft

Bok Teak - Dining Table



162 x 80 cm
32 Kgs


200 x 100 cm
45 Kgs


250 x 100 cm
50 Kgs


300 x 110 cm
65 Kgs

Bok Teak Exterior Furniture by Ethnicraft

Circle Teak - Round Dining Table



Ø136 cm
42 Kgs


Ø163 cm
53 Kgs

Bok Teak Exterior Furniture by Ethnicraft

Teak - Dining Armchair



43 x 56 x 83 cm
12 Kgs


Ethnicraft's outdoor collection is designed to adapt well to a range of environmental conditions, whether that be on an urban terrace or beachfront patio; warm and tropical or cool and mountainous. As the furniture adapts to its environment, it is normal for some cracking and movement to occur. In particular this is common on joints.

It's often said that the beauty of teak is that, even when left in its natural state, outdoors and in any season, it is basically maintenance free.
Hot, dry summers can lead to warping and shrinkage of the wood, especially in full sun.
Long periods of wet or damp in winter will quickly lead to black and/or green fungus/algae 'deposits' that need attention before it has a chance to disfigure the natural wood colouring.
We would suggest, that to keep your Ethnicraft exterior teak furniture in good condition there is a degree of maintenance. Likely 3 - 4 times a year as optimum.
This takes the form of regular cleaning followed by light application of teak protector.
Whilst not arduous or particularly time consuming it is essential to keep exterior teak furniture in good condition.

Our teak range comes without any finish or protective treatment. The wood is merely polished, allowing the natural oils to rise to the surface. The high density of teak wood means it is an excellent choice for outdoor use but it is not maintenance free.

Thorough care

To keep your Ethnicraft outdoor furniture in optimal condition we suggest fitting a custom rain cover during seasons where it is not in use or periods of bad weather. Ensure the furniture is thoroughly clean and dry before applying the cover protection. For long periods of time we recommend that, if possible, any soft furnishings, cushions etc should be removed and stored indoors.
Occasional inspection is required as dampness and condensation can occur under covers.
To remove stubborn stains or superficial scratches to teak surfaces, extra fine sandpaper can be gently used. Always sand in the direction of the wood grain. Then re-treat with teak protector.

Outdoor upholstery & fabrics

Woven in Belgium, Ethnicraft outdoor fabrics are 100% polypropylene, a synthetic material. Polypropylene by its nature is water-repellent, stain-proof, resistant to mould, moths and bacteria like no other synthetic or natural fibre. It is also:
• UV resistant.
• Resistant to the action of acids and alkalis.
• Resistant to humidity and, although not completely
waterproof, it does not absorb water and is quick-
• Maintenance friendly - easily cleaned with clear water
and a natural soap. Covers are machine washable up to 40°C. Do not use any chemical products not designed for polyester.
All sit cushions are equipped with an anti-slip fabric on the bottom to ensure cushions remain in the correct position.
The naturally occurring surface oil in teak can cause stains on cushions. To clean, use a damp white cloth, natural soap and clear water. Please note, natural oil transfer from wood to fabric is a recurring process that cannot be prevented.
All cushions are inserted with a long lasting, quick dry foam. This dries quickly after exposure to rain, ocean spray, melting snow, morning dew, or moisture and humidity which can penetrate even a “water repellent” outer shell over a period of time.
We recommend that cushions are removed and brought inside to dry storage under periods of wet weather and in particular during long periods of non-residence.

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