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Hartman Sophie Exterior Furniture

The Sophie Chair by Hartman

In stark contrast to the Vitra Eames chair 'knock-offs' from China, the Sophie chair is manufactured entirely in the EU with a style, quality and finish that lives up to it's inspirational original.

Manufactured for exterior use but with obvious interior possibilities the chair is available in 7 versions and myriad colour combinations.

Variations of Sophie

Dining Armchairs

Sophie Element Armchair by Hartman

Element Armchair


Sophie Studio Armchair by Hartman

Studio Armchair


Sophie Studio Teak by Hartman

Studio Teak


Dining Chairs

Sophie Element Dining by Hartman

Element Dining


Sophie Studio Dining by Hartman

Studio Dining


Sophie Teak Dining by Hartman

Teak Dining


Sophie Pro Element by Hartman

Pro Element


The Sophie Chair

  • Sophie Element - Square Legs
  • Sophie Studio - Round Legs
  • Sophie Teak - Wood Legs
  • Pro Element - Stackable

Sophie Studio and Element chairs are made with an aluminium frame and moulded resin seat.
The Teak version has a frame of sustainably sourced teak.
All Sophie chairs are designed for outdoor use.


Sophie chairs are available in a range of great colours. Teak legs are in natural teak and aluminium legs are normally in the same colour as the resin seat (Volcano red chairs have black legs).

Sophie Chair Colours by Hartman
Royal White
Sophie Chair Colours by Hartman
Misty Grey
Sophie Chair Colours by Hartman
Carbon Black
Sophie Chair Colours by Hartman
Sophie Chair Colours by Hartman
Sophie Chair Colours by Hartman
Volcano Red

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