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Sun Loungers at Casa & Jardim

Jazz Lounger by Point

Jazz Lounger

The Jazz Sun Lounger



  • Choice of 9 powder coated lacquer colours
  • Choice of 6 Batyline technical fabric colours

The Jazz sun lounger is a contract quality sunbed with a striking contemporary design.

Jazz is made of high resistance aluminium and finished in a choice of lacquer colour. The back rest can be angled in a number of different positions and small wheels aid moving the lounger around.

As a cushion-less lounger Jazz can be used straight from the pool and the Batyline fabric is available in a choice off colours.

A matching table is also available.

See the Point Home Page for more information on this exciting and individual furniture range.


Width: 196, Depth: 68, Height: 89 (cm)
Seating Height 30
Weight: 18kg, Volume 0,75 m3

Priced here its an individual lounger.
As with much of the furniture at Casa & Jardim we may be able to give a discount for quantity purchases so please contact us for further details.

Jazz Lounger Dimnensions by Point


Point® uses aluminium in the structure and leg of furniture. Profiles of various shapes and sizes are used. Thicknesses range from 0,5 to 2,5 mm, depending on the area where it is applied. For those areas which endure greater strength and stress, such as legs, arms and reinforcements, a greater thickness is used.
Powder coated aluminium with epoxy resin binder.

Point Aluminium Finishes
Point Aluminium Colours
White Snow 70
Point Aluminium Colours
Cream 34
Point Aluminium Colours
Sand 74
Point Aluminium Colours
Grey 49
Point Aluminium Colours
Oxide 75
Point Aluminium Colours
Gunmetal Grey 56
Point Aluminium Colours
terracota 72
Point Aluminium Colours
Ficus Green 73
Point Aluminium Colours
Sky Blue 71


The Batyline range of fabrics by Serge Ferrari has been a standard reference for interior and exterior furniture for over 30 years.
Long life due to extremely simple implementation, excellent resistance to weather conditions and dimensional stability. This range, available in many colours, is widely used in the high-end garden furniture market.

Point Batyline Fabrics
Extreme outdoor resistance with no sag
Point Batyline Fabrics
Reversible warp and weft
Point Batyline Fabrics
Very transparent and lightweight
Point Batyline Fabrics
Point Batyline Fabrics
Point Batyline Fabrics
Point Batyline Fabrics
Point Batyline Fabrics
Point Batyline Fabrics

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Tel (00351) 289 393 532

Tel (00351) 910 029 337

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