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‘Calçada Portuguesa’

Portuguese fabric house Damaceno & Antunes
present Calçada - the 2014 collection from EVO Fabrics.

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noun - ‘Collection of stones forming a road or walkway’.

The 'Calçada' is a cobblestone paving in natural stone. Originally used for roadways in larger stone sets, hundreds of kilometres have now been covered in tarmac. Fortunately calaçada remains a popular finish for sidewalks, plazas, city squares and private drives and garden paths. Though once an activity performed by thousands of craftsmen 'Calçateiros' this traditional paving is becoming less common.
Evo Fabric's 2014 'Calçada' collection encapsulates the feel and tradition of calçada mosaic and patterns as a historical heritage.

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Fabric with a 'wiggling' design embossed in velvet to imitate small cobblestones. Ideal for quilting small items and decorative cushions.
Available in 2 colours, 140 cm wide.

Pavement of the 'Praça de D. Pedro IV in Lisbon.
Black basalt waved with white limestone.

Classic mosaic calçada pattern 'stamped' onto Panama canvas for multipurpose use.
Available in 3 colours, 280 cms wide.

This Evo fabrics collection is a tribute to the calçada culture. Small simple drawings of stone with complimentary plain weaves bringing the calçada tradition indoors with outstandingly colourful and functional fabrics.

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Rossio takes it's name from perhaps the most beautiful plaza in Portugal covered with cobblestones.
73% Viscose, 27% Poly, 140 cm wide.

The 'Calçateiro' painstakingly taps each manually prepared stone into place according to pattern.

A coloured variation of the Chiado fabric.
Available in 3 colours, 280 cms wide.

The collection “Calçada Portuguesa” is split into two books and two concepts; “Calçada Portuguesa” is an edition of coordinated decorative fabrics, upholstery fabrics and sheers, and the book “Usual”, is a compilation of upholstery fabrics for practical use. Competitively priced, made in Portugal by Evo, and available to view and purchase at Casa & Jardim.

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Beautiful Furniture, Curtains and Soft Furnishings, at Competitive Prices, on Portugal's Algarve.

‘…it’s like a mini John Lewis on the Algarve’.G.P. Tunbridge Wells


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Tel (00351) 289 393 532

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