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Ceramic and Porcelain Tables

Durability with style, the growing trend in table tops is the use of ceramic and porcelain surfaces.

Ceramic Dining Tables in Portugal


  • A sheet of porcelain stoneware made with the latest technology.
  • The porcelain stone is manufactured using Sinterized Particle Technology. This utilises heat and high pressure that simulates the metamorphic change of natural stone.


  • Highly scratch resistant.
  • Stain resistant.
  • Impact resistant.
  • Maximum resistance to fire and heat.
  • Impervious.
  • Chemical resistance and super hygienic.

Exterior use carries additional benefits:

  • Colour stable.
  • Highly UV resistant
  • Unaffected by high and low temperatures.


  • No maintenance is necessary. Clean with warm water and a little soap.


  • Ceramic stone is available in large sheets so table tops can be large and continuous.
  • A number of colour choices are available.


by Studio Expormim

'Traditional' is a range of three long refectory type dining tables.
Made from solid Oak profiles, Traditional has an inset porcelain top which ensures a highly durable surface as well as individuality and style.

Traditional's Oak structure can be left natural with a clear 'water' varnished finish or with 4 different stains; dark, grey, black and white.
The Kerlite® porcelain top is available in a choice of 3 colours.

Traditional is 75cm high and 100cm wide and available in 3 lengths; 220, 240 and 260cm.


Traditional in a 220 cm size costs €2138.

Ceramic Dining Tables in Portugal
Ceramic dining tables finishes


by Studio Expormim

The Mistral table by Studio Expormim is a small dining table suitable for the smaller dining room or kitchen.

A Kerlite® top is available which makes a fantastic hard wearing and beautiful porcelain surface.

Mistral is 150 x 90 x 76 cm high and is available in 2 solid lacquer finishes and 4 colours of Oak veneer

Ceramic dining tables finishes


Mistral in a veneer finish with porcelain top costs €1015. The lacquer version is €1098


by A Brito - Portugal

One of our popular contemporary ranges at C&J is Britos from the north of Portugal.
Britos have recently introduced porcelain options for their dining tables.

Porcelain can be applied to many of Britos tables. The example shows a stunning walnut extendable dining table with ceramic top.

Ceramic Dining Tables by Britos Portugal
Ceramic Dining Tables by Britos Portugal
Ceramic Dining Tables by Britos Portugal


by Studio Expormim

Falcata is the flagship porcelain table from Studio Expormim.
Refined and elegant, Falcata is equally at home inside or on the patio.

Injected aluminium legs with a choice of two beautiful 'shades' of porcelain and many shapes and sizes.. The ultimate modern dining table.

Ceramic dining tables finishes
Ceramic dining tables finishes
Expormim Falcata
Expormim Falcata


Falcata ceramic starts at €1894 for a 100 cm round or elliptical table.
The full length 3 metre Falcata tops the range at €4121.

Ceramic Dining Tables in Portugal
Ceramic Dining Tables in Portugal

'Expormim Outdoor'

by Studio Expormim

Expormim make a range of porcelain topped tables for exterior use that are just as 'at home' inside.

The frame is made of steel with double coatings of powdered epoxy.

Tops are in Kerlite® porcelain in 3 great colours.

Ceramic dining tables finishes
Expormim Falcata
Expormim Falcata


Expormim porcelain tables start at €1019 for a 100 cm square table.
The full length 220 extendable to 280 cm version tops the range at €3226.

Ceramic Dining Tables in Portugal

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