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Ole Dining Chair

The Ole chair is an armchair with an elegant smart design and unparalleled comfort for sophisticated dining rooms.

The Ole dining chair is available with metal or wood legs. Metal legs can be finished in epoxy powder, matt lacquer or chrome.
Wood legs can be in any of 4 natural wood stains or lacquered in gloss or matt.
The seat can be finished in Polypropylene, oak, or matt lacquer.
An upholstered seat paid can be added.

The Ole Dining Chair

The Ole dining chair is from Spanish furniture manufacturer LoraTime.


Example prices:

Metal legs and Polypropylene €206

Chrome legs and oak €443

Wood legs and lacquer €509

Wood legs and Polypropylene €310

Additionally of a fabric seat €32

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Ole Dining Chair

Ole Dining Chair


Select wood or metal structure (legs).
Metal can be anthracite or white epoxy, any of 20 matt lacquer colours, or chrome.
Wood is solid Oak and can be finished in any of 4 wood stains or lacquer in both matt and gloss finishes.


Select the seat shell.
A wood shell can be finished in any of 4 wood stains or matt lacquer.
A polypropylene shell can be chosen in 7 colours.


Add an upholstered seat pad in Facet (14 colours) or Mystic (12 colours) fabric.

Wood Stains

Kone Wood Finishes

Polypropylene Seat

Kone Polypropylene Finishes


Kone Finishes

Information pdf:

Ole Dining Chair


Ole Dimensions

Ole Dining Chair
Ole Dining Chair

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