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Expormim Slats Dining
Expormim Slats Dining

The Slats Dining Table

Solid Oak Version From €3171

Slats is part of the Expormim collection at Casa e Jardim

Slats is our flagship dining table at Casa e Jardim.

Slats is a contemporary table with a simple form. Two 'slats' of solid European Oak 42mm thick mounted on solid 10mm aluminium legs connected with a steel beam.

Slats Oak tops can be left natural with a clear 'water' varnished finish or with 4 different stains; dark, grey, black and white.
Legs can be finished in any one of 11 different lacquer colours.

Slats is 74cm high and 96cm wide and available in 4 lengths; 180, 200, 220 and 240cm.

Expormim Slats Solid Dining Finishes
Expormim Lacquered Dining Finishes

T430 - 180cm, 81kg

C&J Price €3171

EXP. R.R.P €3524

T431 - 200cm, 85kg

C&J Price €3201

EXP. R.R.P €3557

T432 - 220cm, 89kg

C&J Price €3508

EXP. R.R.P €3897

T433 - 240cm, 94kg

C&J Price €3547

EXP. R.R.P €3941

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Tix by Mobimex

Tix is a very similar table by Swiss furniture manufacturers Mobimex. Tix has a two slat top and aluminium legs.
Admittedly Tix is even more customisable than Slats; not only are there various sizes available but the Oak wood top can also be specified in Elm, Sycamore and Walnut.
However Tix has a starting price of over €16000 for the 200cm Oak version so we think you'll agree that Slats represents a highly affordable alternative.

Tix by Mobimex

Slats in the Casa e Jardim Showroom

Expormim Slats Dining at C&J
Expormim Slats Dining

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