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Expormim Slats Dining Table

The Slats Dining Table

Veneer & Lacquer Versions From €1856

Slats is part of the Expormim collection at Casa e Jardim

Slats is our flagship dining table at Casa e Jardim and as an alternative to the solid Oak version (which may not be to everybody's budget) Expormim produce a similar finish version but with veneered tops and also a lacquered version.

Slats is a contemporary table with a simple form. Two 'slats' 42mm thick mounted on solid 10mm aluminium legs connected with a steel beam.

Slats Veneered Oak tops can be left natural with a clear 'water' varnished finish or in different stains; grey, black and white.
Slats Lacquered tops can be made in any of 11 finishes from 'Trumpet Yellow' to 'Japanese Red'.
Legs can be finished in any one of 11 different lacquer colours.

Slats is 74cm high and 96cm wide and available in 4 lengths; 180, 200, 220 and 240cm.

Expormim Slats Solid Dining Finishes
Expormim Lacquered Dining Finishes

T430 - 180cm, 81kg


C&J Price €1823

EXP. R.R.P €2026


C&J Price €1799

EXP. R.R.P €1999

T431 - 200cm, 85kg


C&J Price €1882

EXP. R.R.P €2091


C&J Price €1856

EXP. R.R.P €2063

T432 - 220cm, 89kg


C&J Price €1983

EXP. R.R.P €2203


C&J Price €1951

EXP. R.R.P €2168

T433 - 240cm, 94kg


C&J Price €2030

EXP. R.R.P €2256


C&J Price €1997

EXP. R.R.P €2219

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Tix by Mobimex

Tix is a very similar table by Swiss furniture manufacturers Mobimex. Tix has a two slat top and aluminium legs.
Admittedly Tix is even more customisable than Slats; not only are there various sizes available but the Oak wood top can also be specified in Elm, Sycamore and Walnut.
However Tix has a starting price of over €16000 for the 200cm Oak version so we think you'll agree that Slats represents a highly affordable alternative.

Tix by Mobimex

Slats in the Casa e Jardim Showroom

Expormim Slats Dining at C&J

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Tel (00351) 289 393 532

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