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‘Provence’ at Casa e Jardim - Our favorite furniture

Examples from the colourful and diverse world of Provence
Made in Portugal in solid Cherry wood by master carpenters

Provence is our favourite classic furniture, and one we frequently ship to the UK.
Made entirely in natural Cherry wood Provence can be finished to fit into any interior scheme from the most classic to the most contemporary. Whatever the style Provence retains a classic feel of quality furniture.

provence word

Traditional furniture, exquisitely made by Portuguese craftsmen in Cherry wood. There simply is no better furniture available in this price bracket.

The United Colours of Provence

Provence from Casa e Jardim is available in a wide range of finishes; natural wood varnishes, colours, metallic effects, gold leaf...
Visit our showroom to see samples, or make an enquiry via our contact form.

Provence Colours

Provence distresssing

Provence furniture comes lightly distressed by default. At C&J we believe it adds character and 'feel' to the wood. It evens serves a purpose where any little future knocks (or even small scratches) in use, aren't immediately highly visible (as they can be with contemporary high gloss finishes).

Provence Distress
Provence Distress2

Provence Furniture from Porto. Portuguese furniture at it’s finest.

The Project Provence 'Mobilario' (furniture) was born in 2000 and has since grown into an internationally known creative company producing beautiful classic furniture with modern finishes.
The Provence concept centres around a core of skilled carpenters who take Cherry wood and using traditional techniques create individual pieces to the highest standard.
Modern techniques are then employed to finish the furniture creating durable and eye-catching styles often with a contemporary flair.
An eye for detail and a passion for carpentry is at the heart of Provence furniture production. This is Portuguese furniture at it's finest, collectors pieces of the future.

  • Provence in the making1
  • Provence in the making2
  • Provence in the making3
  • Provence in the making4
  • Provence in the making5
  • Provence in the making6
  • Provence in the making7
  • Provence in the making8
  • Provence in the making9
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  • Provence in the making12
  • Provence in the making13

Beautiful Furniture, Curtains and Soft Furnishings, at Competitive Prices, on Portugal's Algarve.

‘…it’s like a mini John Lewis on the Algarve’.G.P. Tunbridge Wells


Casa e Jardim, Lda.,
Sitio da Cascalheira, 556A
Quatro Estradas
Algarve, Portugal
37º05´48.97"N 8º03´50.48"W

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09.30 -18.30 Monday to Friday.

We can also open on Saturdays by appointment.

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Tel (00351) 289 393 532

Tel (00351) 910 029 337

Tel (00351) 289 393 532

Tel (00351) 910 029 337

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