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Jieldé lamps were Invented by Jean Louis Domecq in 1949.
Today they are still 100% made in France.

The original 'standard' Jielde lamp today encompasses the 'Loft' range.

Vintage, yet modern, timeless and tailor-made, the Jieldé lamp is very deeply rooted its time. It's design will carry on to make the name of its brilliant inventor shine, in France and all over the world.

Loft is a collection of floor, desk and wall lamps with many models to choose from. Variations within a model range can include a switch on the lamp and some additionally have corded models that can utilise a plug socket. (CR models)

  • Loft D1260
  • Loft D4251
  • Loft D2501
  • Loft DD7460
  • Loft D9406
  • Loft D9403
  • Loft D6440
  • Loft D6000
  • Loft D4401
  • Loft D4040
  • Loft D4001
  • Loft D1240
  • Loft D1200
  • Loft D1020
  • Loft D1000
  • Loft D6000
  • Loft D1260
  • Loft SKY 4224

Jielde Loft Lamps

Jieldé lamps are available in 28 great colours and most are selectable in both gloss and matt finishes.

Jielde Colours

We like to think that Casa e Jardim provides a special service supplying quality products at a sensibly competitive price. If you see any of our products that seem to be better value elsewhere, please let us know and we will either explain why there is a difference, or we will amend the difference.

Beautiful Furniture, Curtains and Soft Furnishings, at Competitive Prices, on Portugal's Algarve.

‘…it’s like a mini John Lewis on the Algarve’.G.P. Tunbridge Wells


Casa e Jardim, Lda.,
Sitio da Cascalheira, 556A
Quatro Estradas
Algarve, Portugal
37º05´48.97"N 8º03´50.48"W

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09.30 -18.30 Monday to Friday.

We can also open on Saturdays by appointment.

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Tel (00351) 289 393 532

Tel (00351) 910 029 337

Tel (00351) 289 393 532

Tel (00351) 910 029 337

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